Fields of activity "Karat-C":

    • maintenance of the order for the events with crowds
    • coordination of complex protection for differents visits, tours of international and local celebrities

Achievements of "Karat - C" for 25 years of successful work:

    • providing security services for more than 13 600 events
    • escorting of more than 1250 foreign and almost all Russian "stars"
    • rescueing of about 1900 people from injuries
    • cutting short of offences and detaining of more than 600 people
    • 24 security guards of the company were rewarded with the State Award 
      and 60 security guards with dimplomas from Moscow Culture Committee, 
      Ministry of Internal Affairs, Administration of Moscow, Federal Security Service 
      of the Russian Federation, Federal Protection Service of the Russian Federation, various Ministries, etc.

"Karat - C" protects not only celebrities of show business and concert events, 
but also such estrablishments and events as:

    • national holidays and outdoor fetes
    • opening of elite boutiques
    • art exhibitions and congresses
    • presentations, opening nights and ceremonies
    • private parties and anniversary celebrations
    • high society receptions
    • shooting of films and video clips
    • festivals and competitions
    • sports competitions
    • visits of foreign visitors
    • concert tours throughout the country
    • business trips
    • fashion shows of couturiers and designers

In cooperation with law-enforcement authorities "Karat - C" provides its services for the following establishments and venues:

    • State Kremlin Palace
    • State Academic Bolshoi Theatre
    • offices and representative offices
    • restaurants, cafes and clubs

    • various establishments