2Movie company «Tsar»
The movie company thanks and expresses deep gratitude for helped to creation feature film «The Moscow heat»

 4«The first channel»
Gratitude for the good organization and greater work on a safety

1«National mark»
Gratitude for cooperation in carrying out of Annual Ceremony of delivery of the National Premium of National Mark

 6The Viennese ball
Gratitude for participation in carrying out of the Viennese Ball in Moscow

 8 Radio station «Silver rain»
Radio station «Silver rain» expresses profound gratitude for magnificent partnership and for the help in carrying out of ceremony «A Silver Galosh»

 9!The world festival of tea
The diploma for active participation in the organization and carrying out of the world festival of tea

 15 Devoted to decade «The master»
The diploma for the help and support in the organization of festival «Prometej»

 17The Moscow International Film festival
Gratitude for the help in the organization the Moscow International Film festival

 20Radio station «Hit fm»
Gratitude for a safety and for high qualities of given services

eur+!!Radio station «Europe Plus»
Gratitude for high quality of work during carrying out celebratory actions, devoted to decade «Europe Plus»